Why buy Praho?

In India, less than 8% of households with school-going kids have a computer, mainly because they're too pricey. People know the importance of computers in education but the price doesn’t allow them to buy it for their needs.


But Selligion has a plan – they're making affordable computer hardware with their own cool Operating System and Cloud setup. 


Still, there might be alot of questions “Why buy selligion?”, “Is Selligion trustworthy?”, 


So I will try to answer all your questions through this blog!


 Selligion mini pc


Why buy Selligion Praho?

Because they're not just selling computers; they're giving you a ticket to a smarter, more accessible digital world. Praho is the World's first Hardware-OS-Cloud ecosystem designed and conceptualized in India.


Selligion Praho has some amazing features given below:

  • Unique Small Design - Packed for Performance and Durability.
  • Triple Display - Connect to either a TV or upto 3 Monitors.
  • Highest Quality: Quality Manufacturing and Design
  • Uncompromising data storage: 128 GB Storage | 8 GB RAM | 
  • High Performance ~2.9 GHz Quadcore.
  • Powerful OS Abacca: Powerful, light and fast OS - comes with 5 years of updates, guaranteed.


Selligion has built a compact and energy-efficient solution with decent processing power, versatile connectivity, and support for multiple display.



What is the price of Selligion Praho?


Selligion is available at a flat price of 12,990 INR which come equipped with a quad-core Intel J4105 processor and triple display support, combines compact design and versatile performance for efficient multitasking in a space-saving solution.


What’s more?


Selligion Praho come with 20+ pre-loaded apps to make the learning fun for your child. Apps like Visual studio code and Gimp are also supported by our mini PC. Selligion Praho will enable them to study, learn, browse, code, create and become contributing members of India's technology revolution in the future. 


Selligion is one of the cheapest mini pcs for education under 15,000

To buy click here: 

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