Which mini PC to buy?

Mini PCs are more powerful than you can imagine. If you are confused as to if mini pcs are a  good buy for you, you can read it here


Mini PC have so many benefits over laptop of the same price. They are affordable and offer much better performance than the laptops.


Top 3 mini PC you should consider buying in 2024:

  1. Selligion Mini pc CPU for Trading, Editing with Graphics Card | 3 Years Warranty

Praho can work on three screens at once and connects to the internet super fast. It's great at doing many things at the same time, thanks to its quad-core brain. 

Plus, you get to pick how it looks and works because it's customizable. This mini PC is like a superhero that's both strong and smart, perfect for anyone who wants a small but mighty computer.

You can buy here: Buy here

Price: 12,990

You can buy here: Buy here

Price: 12,990

Best mini PC under 15,000



  1. Apple 2023 Mac Mini Desktop Computer M2 chip with 8‑core CPU and 10‑core GPU

In addition to its significant performance increase, the Mac mini is small, reasonably priced when compared to other Macs, and ideal if you or your company is already a part of the Apple ecosystem.

You can buy here: Amazon link


Price: 54,990



  1. SKULLSAINTS Ruby Mini PC 11th Gen Processor

The SKULLSAINTS Mini PC offers a powerful computing solution with an Intel processor and 8 GB of RAM, suitable for business, gaming, and personal use. Running on Windows 11 Pro, it provides a user-friendly operating system, though specific details about storage capacity, graphics, and connectivity are not provided. Its sleek silver design adds a touch of style to its versatile performance.


You can buy here: Amazon link

Price: 16,990


So these 3 mini PCs are a good choice, but if you want an affordable PC with the best features go with Selligion Praho. It also offers 3 year warranty to help you utilize your money better.



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