Uses of Mini PCs in the Education Sector

Investing in a computer for education can offer several advantages, as it is a versatile tool supporting various aspects of learning. Computers allow students to engage with multimedia content, including educational videos, interactive simulations, and digital art tools.


But as an end consumer computers are expensive and we usually have this “Are there any alternatives to computers?” “Will this alternative solve my problem?”


Mini PCs can be an excellent substitute for traditional PCs to meet the technological needs of educational institutes for many reasons. Here’s an overview of why mini PCs are a cut above desktop PCs to power educational institutes.


Mini PC in Education



How does a mini PC help in education?


Mini PCs are affordable:

Because mini PCs are often less expensive than desktops or laptops, educational institutions with tight budgets can use them. Because of its cost, more students can have access to personal computers in the classroom, promoting a more diverse learning environment.


Mini PCs are space efficient:

The compact size of mini PCs makes them ideal for environments where space is limited, such as classrooms, small offices, or computer labs. 

Their small size allows for better space utilization, making it easier to integrate technology into various educational systems.


Mini PCs are portable:

Mini PCs are lightweight and portable, enabling flexibility in how they are used. Students and teachers can easily move these devices between classrooms, and labs, or even take them home for remote learning, fostering a more dynamic and adaptable learning environment.


Selligion Praho in Education



Mini PCs are energy efficient:

Mini PCs are often designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less power than larger desktop computers. 

This not only reduces operational costs for educational institutions but also aligns with sustainability efforts, promoting eco-friendly practices.


Mini PCs come with a lot of pre-loaded apps:

Mini PCs can seamlessly integrate with a variety of educational technology tools and resources. Whether running educational software, accessing online learning platforms, or connecting to interactive displays, mini PCs provide the computing power needed for a smooth integration of technology into the curriculum.


Selligion Praho comes with so many pre-loaded apps to support your educational needs.


Pre-loaded app with Selligion Praho


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Mini PCs help in connectivity:

Mini PCs typically come with a range of connectivity options, including USB ports, HDMI, and wireless capabilities. This facilitates collaboration among students and teachers, supporting the use of peripherals, interactive whiteboards, and other collaborative tools in the learning process.


With Selligion Praho, we have made sure that connectivity is never an issue. It comes with built-in connectivity options which include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2x HDMI Ports + 1x VGA port, 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 3.5 mm audio jack and much more.


In Short, mini pcs are comparatively cheaper, energy-efficient, and portable when it comes to solving the need for education space. Their adaptability and connectivity options make them valuable tools for creating a technology-rich and engaging educational environment.


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