World's first hybrid cloud OS.

Selligion Abacca. 
Made for India. Made in India.

Selligion Abacca


Selligion Abacca delivers some of the most popular IDE's to enable you to learn and code with ease.


Browse and stream content from all over the world. Attend online classes.


Learn anything. Be anything. Experience limitless opportunities. Experience limitless possibilities.


Take a break - test your hands on some of the most popular games online.

Selligion Abacca

The last OS you'd ever need.

Do the regular on your computer hardware – leave the heavy lifting for the cloud.

Experience the latest in computing for ever.

Selligion Abacca

Selligion Abacca helps turn my regular computer into a super computer, whenever I want. I have truly limitless computing at my fingertips.

Surbhi Jyoti

20,000+ users across India.

I built my first app on a Selligion Abacca powered machine. I am taking a free certification course from Oxford University on design too.

Tanveer Ahmed

Selligion Abacca

I attend my online classes using a Selligion Abacca powered device. I also use it to play games and watch videos.

Rishabh Kumar

Your future, Our passion.

Selligion Abacca is the result of a long cherished dream of delivering un-compromised high-end computing on any computer hardware in India. Experience it on a Selligion Praho computer today.


Slightly better, is what we’d like to argue. Selligion Abacca is built from a Linux kernel just like Windows and provides a simple and easy to understand graphic user interface, making it the first choice among the first generation computer users in India.

Well of-course! We provide a guaranteed 5 year support for every single version of our OS. Our current build, Selligion Abacca 3.1 will be supported till the end of 2028.

Yes! You can install almost any Linux based application or game on your Selligion Abacca powered device.

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