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About Selligion

At Selligion, we’re reimagining computers.

Less than 8% of Indian households with a school going child have access to a computer. The primary reason for this disparity – Computer in general are unaffordable for most Indian homes. 

Despite being a major global power with potentially the largest number of computer users – India does not have a credible and indigenous compute-ecosystem. Until recently, we didn’t even design and build our own computers.

At Selligion, we’re trying to solve this by designing and building our own range of cost effective computer hardware, that runs our own customised Operating System and Cloud Infra – which is delivered to our users directly. 

We’re building a continental network of affordable computers connected to a very high-end, low latency cloud infra with a potential to deliver any processing power, memory, storage, application and GPU instantly and on demand. Do the regular on your local machine – do the heavy lifting over the cloud.

Truly the latest in computing forever.

Selligion Praho 1

Selligion Praho 1

Source - Selligion Ideoglyph

The Selligion Ideoglyph

The Selligion ideoglyph is inspired from an ancient symbol of Indian subcontinental origin which recurs in many forms across archeological digs, medieval coins and architecture, right from Shakāwand and Mes Aynak in modern day Afghanistan in the north to Keezhadi near Madurai, Tamil Nadu in the south. From the mysterious fire temples of Azerbaijan in the west to the picturesque Kaiyuan Temple of Fujian, China, in the east.

Indian epigraphist A B Walawalkar (1897-1970) claimed this symbol to be a phonograph written in a version of early linear Brahmi. According to English orientalist James Princep (1799-1840) – this perhaps was a symbol representing the flame of Mount Meru.

Experts do not have a consensus on the original meaning of this symbol and many claim this to mean  ‘yes’, ‘it is’, ‘will be’ or ‘health and happiness to you’.

Selligion Abacca
Our Investors & Mentors
Vivekananda Hallekere

Vivekananda Hallekere

CEO and Co-founder at Bounce.

Captain Prashant Priya

Captain Prashant Priya

Founder, Amarante Shipping – India, Singapore

Nishchay AG

Nischay AG

CEO and Co-founder at Jar.

Dr Aniruddha Malpani

Dr. Aniruddha Malpani

Pioneering medical professional, investor & activist.

Team Selligion

Apeksha Mehta

Operations + Commstrat


Arjoo Vishwakarma



Reena Parsekar

Finance & Accounting

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